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Investment Profile

Milton is a young, educated, diverse and growing economy. No matter what it is you are looking for, Milton Delivers. From the beauty of our natural setting, to our highly educated demographic, impressive transportation corridors, contemporary urban living and the modern amenities associated with a diverse, multicultural lifestyle, Milton is truly the place to live, learn, work and grow. 


When it comes to the perfect place to build and grow business success on the local, national and global stage – Milton has every angle covered. Occupying a central position in the economic core of Ontario, Milton is  well-placed within one of the world's most significant transportation corridors. It boasts a well-established infrastructure and easy access to global markets.

Explore transportation options in and around the Milton area, including rail, air and water transportation.

Regional Radius Map


Milton has enjoyed steady population growth year after year, for the past decade and has consistently ranked as Canada's fastest growing town and urban community. Milton's population is also becoming increasingly diverse.

Facts and figures on one of Canada's most dynamic and fastest growing populations features the population changes in Milton compared to other towns in the area.

225k Estimated Population Growth by 2031


Human capital obtained through education has been shown to be one of the strongest drivers of economic development. Milton's local population is at once comparable to the most affluent communities in Ontario, but also to innovative regions with universities such as Waterloo and Ottawa. Milton has one of the most skilled and well-educated labour forces in Ontario.

Learn about learning in Milton. A brief summary of our education system features the education levels attained with specialization along with the various institutions available.

73% of residents have post secondary education


Highly skilled and educated workers seek innovative companies and opportunities professionally. Milton is youthful—meaning we have the employee profile necessary to compete in today's competitive and technically advanced marketplace. This labour force contributes significantly to the attractiveness of the investment profile for Milton, Ontario.

Information on an educated or skilled, experienced and plentiful workforce features the age, occupation and industry of the labour force in Milton.

Median Age in Milton is 34.1


Milton is home to a wide range of world-class organizations. Top employers include advanced manufacturing, distribution/warehouse and food production industries.

Milton's employment landscape is a healthy one features a list of top companies in Milton with details of the products/services they offer. Many take advantage of the low business property tax in Ontario.

Source: 2016 Employment Survey, Halton Region Economic Development

Top 5 Employers

Top Employers # of Employees
Gordon Food Service 905
Karmax Heavy Stamping 902
 Monaghan Mushrooms Ltd 396
Manheim Auto Auctions Company 350
 Lowe's Distribution Centre



Milton is committed to bringing high-quality jobs to the area – across a wide range of industries.

Wage statistics, averages and information outlines the wage range across different professions.


Milton boasts some of the lowest residential and business property taxes in the area.  Including some of the lowest business taxes in Ontario and lowest commercial taxes in Ontario. Given below is the taxation situation in Milton.

2017 Milton Tax Rates outlines the summary of tax rates for the year 2017.

Past Tax Rates features a summary of tax rates for the years 1999 - 2015.


Development charges provide for the recovery of growth-related capital expenditures from new development. For current residential and non-residential development charge rates, please refer to the following:

Non-Residential Development Charges outlines the breakup of the different development charge rates applicable.

Residential Development Charges outlines the breakup of the different development charge rates applicable.

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