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The Best Planning Estimates is a planning tool used to identify where and when development is expected to take place across the Region. This tool will assist the Region and the local municipalities in planning complete healthy communities including; the establishment of the supply of housing, type of housing and jobs across the Region.

The Best Planning Estimates, also, provide direction in determining the timely provision of both hard infrastructure (roads, water and wastewater) and community infrastructure (schools, community recreation etc).

Best Planning Estimates features Halton Region's Best Planning Estimates of population, occupied dwelling units and employment, 2011 - 2031.

* Planning Estimates are meant to be used where working numbers of future population, occupied dwelling units or employment are needed for planning purposes. These estimates are called Planning Estimates because they were prepared on a best effort basis by Regional and Local Municipal staff based on their collective knowledge and understanding of demographic and economic trends.

By definition, they are estimates, not policy numbers committed to by Regional or Local Municipal Councils. The application of these estimates by any user in an undertaking, private or public, should be at the discretion of the user, guided by the nature, purpose and scope of that particular undertaking.

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